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Fairytale encyclopedia

Learn about the forest and garden with Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty

Take me home

Help returning the lost animals to their home and learn stuff along the way!

Saving our planet

Customizable book with your own name and main character.

Milda a Milda

What is the color of happiness?

Amazing nature

5 books series about animals, plants and everything around.

Who is hiding?

Fun interactive books about animal camouflage for young readers.


Freelance illustrator and animator working from Brno, Czech Republic. I eat chips, drink tea otherwise. Mimochodem mluvím i česky.


Albatros / B4U publishing, Euromedia, Modrý Slon, Grada, Mladá Fronta, Highlights for children magazine, časopis Sluníčko, Mladá fronta, Designempathy, Babičkářství etc.


Original artworks are occasionally for sale on Etsy, or have a look at Society6 and Redbubble for art prints, tees, bags, phone cases etc.

Elsewhere online


Drop me a line, I’ll be happy 🙂